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    Professional AZ Tile And Grout Cleaning

    Desert Tile & Grout Care is an AZ tile and grout cleaning company that provides top-quality tile and grout restoration for residents and commercial properties throughout Casa Grande and cities around the Valley. Our Casa Grande tile floor cleaners provide cleaning and restoration for a variety of floor types including ceramic tile and grout, stone, brick, marble floors, Mexican tile, patios and walkways, travertine tile, and much more. For a professional touch and top-rated tile and grout cleaning and sealing, consult with Desert Tile & Grout Care.

    Ceramic Tile And Grout Cleaning

    At Desert Tile & Grout Care, our Casa Grande tile cleaners provide professional cleaning and color sealing to help restore the look of your ceramic tile and grout. Over time, grout and tile can become discolored or stained, and luckily, it can not only be cleaned, but colored and sealed as well. With a ceramic tile and grout cleaning, your floor can look brand new once again, and if sealed properly, further damage from moisture, dirt, and grime can be prevented.

    Cleaning Ceramic Tile

    Ceramic tile is an excellent option for homes and businesses throughout the valley. It appealing and durable, but unfortunately, dirt and grime can easily adhere to the surface, especially if they are textured. This can cause unsightly discoloration that will make it appear old and dirty no matter how much you mop.

    Sealing Tile Grout

    Ceramic tile grout is far more vulnerable, however, than the tile itself. When left unsealed, the grout is porous and susceptible to dirt, stains, and moisture that collects on its surface. Anything can be absorbed and leave behind a permanent stain, along with tracked dirt and other elements.

    Marble & Stone Flooring

    There are a variety of durable and appealing flooring types to choose from, and some of them are more susceptible to damage and staining than others. Marble and stone flooring are gorgeous additions to any home, as they have unique properties that make them suitable for everyday life. If you have marble or stone flooring, the Casa Grande marble floor cleaners at Desert Tile & Grout Care can help maintain the look and longevity of your stone floors.


    To make sure your tile and grout flooring remains in the best possible condition, contact a top-rated tile and grout cleaning company in Casa Grande, Desert Tile & Grout Care!

    Saltillo Floor Cleaning

    Desert Tile & Grout Care also provides saltillo floor cleanings in Casa Grande to help maintain the vibrancy and distinct rustic appearance of these Mexican tiles. Saltillo tiles are unique, as they sometimes contain animal tracks which are commonly made during the drying process and said to be good luck. Their color and shading can vary based on where the tiles are placed among other tiles during the firing process. Because of their special and delicate nature, you need a qualified saltillo floor cleaner in Casa Grande who can make sure your saltillo floors are taken care of. Contact Desert Tile & Grout Care to learn more about our saltillo floor cleaning services.

    Before & After



    The floor


    The floor with high alkaline/degreasing cleaner


    All grout lines


    all tile and grout


    all contaminated water solution


    high CFM fans to dry the grout


    each and every grout line with a 1 inch brush on our hands and knees


    on our hands and knees, buff, followed by the final rinse

    Stain or Colorize

    Not only does Desert Tile & Grout Care provide professional Casa Grande tile and grout cleaning and sealing for walkways, patios, and other areas of your home or business, but we also offer staining and colorization services. Colorizing Mexican tile floors and grout to match decor is common in Arizona, giving your floors an updated look. Our top-rated Casa Grande tile cleaners have the skills and knowledge to make your Mexican tile or grout look fresh and new.

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