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A Foolproof Guide to a Thorough Shower Tile Cleaning

Tile of all types is growing in popularity as shower and tub material. It is versatile, simple to maintain and clean, uniquely beautiful, and affordable. Unfortunately, even with the best maintenance and intentions, a deep Gilbert tile shower cleaning is necessary every so often.

The porous nature of tile and grout serves as an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew, which not only contributes to an unsightly bathroom, but also creates a health hazard for your family and pets. So what is the best way to do a thorough Gilbert tile and grout cleaning to ensure the mold and mildew are gone? Here are a few tips from the professionals.

Foolproof Guide to a Thorough Shower Tile Cleaning

Get the Right Tools

Before beginning the deep cleaning process, it is important to stock up on the appropriate Mesa ceramic tile shower cleaning supplies. At Desert Tile & Grout Care, our trained Mesa grout cleaning service team highly recommend the following:

– Non-scratch scrubbers
– All-purpose scouring pad
– Your personal favorite tub and tile cleaner
– A large towel for drying afterwards

There are quite a few cleaning options available on the market, so it can be difficult to weed through them and find which products actually work, and work the best.

Start Cleaning

Step 1: Dry Scrub
Doing a dry pre-scrub on your tile and grout is an extremely important step in loosening soap scum from your shower doors and tile. Use one of the non-scratch scrubbers dry to loosen any buildup from soap scum or hard water, before even touching your cleaning product.

Step 2: Spray & Soak
The next step is to saturate the tile and grout with your preferred cleaning product, especially on any areas that are especially built-up or discolored. Let it soak for at least five minutes, or up to 30 minutes for really tough stains. The soaking time allows for the cleaner to penetrate deeply through the soap scum, mold, mildew, and bacteria growing inside the grout.

Step 3: Scrub!
After soaking the entire shower area for 5-30 minutes, it is time to scrub, scrub, scrub! All the gunk and bacteria should have been loosened from the dry scrubbing and cleaning product saturation, so with a good scrubbing session from your all-purpose scouring pad, the tile surface should be easily cleaned off.
If there are any particularly stubborn areas of mold or mildew, do not hesitate to apply additional cleaning solution for extra power. This step is where some people begin to wish they had hired a professional Gilbert tile shower cleaning service, since it can make you work up a good sweat, but the hard work is worth the effort.

Step 4: Rinse Well
Once you have thoroughly loosened and scrubbed off all the gunk and buildup in your shower grout, use hot water to rinse off all the extra soap and cleaning products. The hotter the water, the more you will be able to loosen any leftover buildup that may have been missed in the other cleaning steps.

If you notice any missed grime or mildew buildup, generously re-saturate the area with your Gilbert ceramic tile and grout cleaning solution, let it soak, and scrub. Anything that is still leftover should be addressed by a professional Gilbert tile shower restoration service, as the area will likely need to be re-grouted and re-sealed by an expert.

Step 5: Dry It Off
After cleaning all the water spots, bacteria, mildew, and discoloration from your tile and grout, it is essential to dry the surface with a large towel. Leaving the water drops to air dry only encourages the growth of more mold and mildew, along with creating unsightly dried water spots all over your tile shower and glass doors.

Step 6: Maintain It
Regular maintenance is much easier and less time-consuming than deep cleaning your tile and grout. Be sure to dry off your tile after each shower and run the ventilation fan for 30 minutes to an hour after showering, to ensure the area is dry. This will discourage the buildup of soap scum, mold, and mildew, and will ensure your regular cleaning routine requires less time and effort.

If you have been struggling with discolored tile and grout, or the growth of hazardous mold and mildew in your shower tiles, contact Desert Tile & Grout Care for tips on maintenance and deep cleaning. Our tile cleaning experts are highly trained to work with all types of tile and grout, and provide excellent deep cleaning services at affordable rates. We also specialize in restoration and re-sealing of any tile surfaces, to ensure a top-quality, long-lasting solution for your home. Call us today at (480) 288-4475 to schedule your professional, detailed tile and grout cleaning!

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