Why DIY Tile Re-Grouting is a Bad Idea For Your Tile Flooring

Why DIY Tile Re-Grouting is a Bad Idea For Your Tile Flooring

4 Reasons Why You Should Hire Professional Tile Re-Grouting Services

Over time, the grout on your tile floor or wall may start to break down or it may become stained. You may have hired a tile floor cleaning service, which may have told you that the grout cannot be restored just through cleaning. Now you’re thinking about replacing the structurally compromised or permanently stained grout – and you’re thinking of doing it yourself.

So much information is now available that makes many jobs seem like they’d be easy to do yourself. You just watch the video or follow along with the article, and you think that’s all there is to it. But if you’ve ever taken on a DIY project for your home, you know that things rarely work out that easily. Most home improvement projects are not DIY, and re-grouting is one of them. Here are a few reasons why DIY tile re-grouting is a bad idea:

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You Might Break the Floor Tile

Re-grouting is precision work. You have to use special tools to remove the grout in the fine lines between your tile. If you make any mistake, you can easily gouge your tile, crack it, or loosen it from the floor. Then you’ll be looking at not only replacing your grout but also your broken tile. You could end up spending a lot of money to repair the damage, and you will likely have to hire a professional anyway.

The more expensive the tile you have, the more costly your problem will be. You may even end up having to replace the whole floor because you can’t find the matching tile anymore.

Damages Can Cost More Than Replacing the Tile

Your mishaps might not end at the tile. You can easily slip with a tool and create a hole in your floor, send a gash through your drywall, or cause a chink in your toilet or bathtub. There are many ways that you can damage your home, depending on what tool you are using and what the area is like where you working.

These damages can cost more than replacing the tile, depending on what you do. The best way to avoid that is to hire a professional for your grout replacement.

Re-Grouting Takes a Lot of Time

Re-grouting is not an easy job, and it’s not one that you can do quickly. If you try to rush it, you’ll increase the risk of damaging the tile or your home. The need for care and the detailed nature of the job means that it will take a lot of time to complete. If you add up the cost of your own time, you’ll see that you aren’t really saving money by trying to do the job yourself.

You Might Injure Yourself While Trying To Re-Grout Your Tile

It’s very easy to cut your hands, at a minimum, while trying to re-grout your tile. But with the tools you are using, there are opportunities to hurt yourself in many more ways. You could easily cause yourself serious harm, landing in the emergency room.

The risk to yourself and to your home is just not worth trying to re-grout your tile yourself. Call the professionals to do this job for you.

You can keep your grout in good shape by cleaning it regularly and calling in tile and grout cleaning professionals periodically for a deeper clean. Routine maintenance like this, as well as regularly sealing your tile and grout, will protect your grout so that you do not need to replace it as often.

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