Essential Tips To Preserve The Integrity Of Your Grout

Essential Tips To Preserve The Integrity Of Your Grout


Professional Gilbert Tile & Grout Cleaners Share a Complete Guide On How Properly Take Care Of Your Grout

We often forget about our floor when making the house look nice. Instead, we focus more on things like appliances and decoration. Because of that, the look of the grout goes unnoticed until it gets too stained (which is usually an indication of urgent help with cleaning!)

Grimy grout can make your home look unclean and somehow neglected, so it is very important to take care of it properly.

From daily care to professional tile and grout cleaning in Gilbert, here’s a brief guide on how to care for grout.

Professional Gilbert Tile & Grout Cleaners Share a Complete Guide On How Properly Take Care Of Your Grout In AZ

Act Fast When There’s A Mess

The good thing about tile is that it is more durable against food and stains. Therefore, when you drop something onto it, you can easily clean it with a towel. But, just because it’s easier to clean than other materials like carpet or wood, doesn’t mean you should ignore the stain for a long time.

You have to act fast if you spill something on the tile floor. Keep in mind that the longer the messes linger, the higher the chances of staining the grout.

Be particularly careful with deeply colored items like coffee or red wine. You should clean these immediately.

Don’t Forget About Everyday Cleaning

A daily cleaning routine after using your kitchen or bathroom is crucial to keep your grout clean and prevent staining. It might seem a bit tedious, but it can save you a lot of work in the long run.

There are many ways of keeping grout clean with a daily routine. By taking advantage of these techniques, you can avoid contacting Scottsdale Tile and Grout Cleaning services way too often.

One of the most popular recommendations is to run the squeegee after taking a bath, at least if you have tile and grout in your bathroom. The squeegee easily removes excess water to avoid moldy grout.

Once you do that, be sure to spray your tile with a daily cleaner. You can use a vinegar solution as your daily cleaner not only for the bathroom but the rest of the house.

The daily care will keep your grout clean and will reduce the chances of scrubbing in the future.

Protect Your Grout From Moisture

You have to clean your tiles fairly regularly, but you shouldn’t do it with a lot of water all the time. You have to avoid bathing your tiles in too much water because it can harm them.

Too much water makes your grout harder to clean, and it increases the chances of getting mold. Water can remain beneath the tile, which can lead to decay and therefore ruins the tiles.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals For Cleaning

It may be tempting to want to scrub your grout with harsh cleansers, but this is not recommended at all. Strong chemicals can cause pitting and other issues on your grout, and only a Chandler tile floor restoration service can help you with that.

You should not use cleaning products with dyes either because they can stain your tiles and grout. Besides, these products can worsen any condition in your tile, especially if you use steel wool, so avoid cleaning them with abrasive cleaning items.

Clean your grout only with soft cloths for mops and an appropriate cleaner.

Do A Weekly Deep Cleaning

You have to give your tile and grout floor a deep clean at least once a week (or every two weeks at most). Body oils, litter, grease, and other things like soap scum will cling to the surface of your grout, and that’s why you have to clean it deeply.

You can give your grout a preventive cleaning by using baking soda paste and water. Gently rub this solution in the grout with a grout brush or a toothbrush, and rinse it with water.

Feel free to use hydrogen peroxide instead of water if your grout seems a bit more tinted than usual.

Contact Professional Grout & Tile Cleaners In Gilbert

If you’ve been doing your best to keep your tile and grout clean, but you are not happy with the results, then it’s time to call a professional grout cleaning service in Gilbert.

At Desert Tile & Grout Care we offer top-quality services to clean, seal and restore your tile and grout.

If your grout is already stained or damaged, you can get it cleaned, colored, and sealed by our team to make it look as fresh and new as possible. Contact us now for more information!

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