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The Difference Between Color Sealing Grout and Clear Sealing Grout

Maintaining your tile and grout in Arizona can be tricky and cumbersome, but in the end, it can be well worth it. The dust from the surrounding desert can really hinder the durability of your grout. And although, tile is durable and long lasting, taking care of it should give you the motivation you need in order to keep it as clean and fresh as possible. Luckily, there are several ways that you can take care of your tile and grout so that it has the maximum life possible, keeping you from spending the excess money for replacements and expensive repairs. If you have tile, then you are probably aware that grout is extremely susceptible to moisture and damage. To keep your grout from sustaining constant damage over the years, sealing it is your best option. There are two main kinds of seals that will work on your grout, and knowing the difference between them can really influence your decision. Here are the differences between color sealing and clear sealing for your grout.

the difference between color sealing grout and clear sealing grout

First, you should know why you need to seal your grout. Grout is a highly absorbent material and extremely porous. Sealing it is your best option to give it a long lasting life. Oils, foods, and other liquids can quickly soak into it, making it smell and compromising its durability and structure. With these substances, mold can grow within the grout and that means costly repairs and replacements for you. Ultimately, sealing your grout can save you tons of money. You won’t have to repair or replace your floors, and you will have beautiful looking tile and grout for a long time to come.

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Depending on what kind of sealer you get, the two main sealers provide different levels of protection. A clear sealing sits below the surface of the grout, protecting it from the daily spills, moppings, and debris that affect the way your tile and grout looks. It’s a great way to keep it protected from everything that happens in your home daily. From spills and stains, to foot traffic, a simple clear sealer should be sufficient for protecting your tile and grout.

clear sealing grout in queen creek homeThe other common type of grout sealer is a color sealer. This one is more widely used, as it can also stain your grout and restore it to its original color, or an entirely new one if you wish. A color sealer is more effective at maintaining the vibrancy and beauty of your grout while protecting it from everyday harm. There are many other benefits to using a color sealer as well. Firstly, it will keep your grout from getting dirty. Without a color seal, you would need to have your tile and grout professionally cleaned in Queen Creek yearly, or your grout could house bacteria, dirt, mold, and other things that you do not want to be walking around on. The color seal is a durable layer of protection that will keep the unsanitary things from taking up residence in your grout.

Secondly, both color and clear seals can last up to ten years, and in the larger scope of things, that is a huge amount of savings. With proper maintenance and care, the seal is long lasting and affordable to have applied. Making sure your floors are clean, beautiful and sanitary is the ultimate goal of Queen Creek sealing your grout and tile. An added benefit is that it is relatively low in cost. You can DIY any grout sealing product, but for the best results that will last on your flooring for a long time to come, you should have the sealer professionally applied. Ultimately, you want to have your grout sealed, because no matter which kind you choose, it will be great at protection your grout and making it last for as long as possible.

If you need help deciding which kind of seal will work best for your home, contact the experts at Desert tile and Grout. Our trained professionals can help you decide which sealer is best for your tile and grout and they can apply it professionally in an effective and time efficient manner. Talk to the friendly experts at Desert Tile and Grout and start protecting your grout from unwanted factors. Contact us today for more information!

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