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3 Essential Ways to Rejuvenate Your Dingy Grout

Tile is a beautiful statement piece in any home, whether it creates a backsplash, shower, pool area, or entryway floor. The grout between tile pieces can add an extra splash of flair as well; that is, until it becomes dirty, dingy, and stained. Grout is a porous material, so over time it traps water and debris and begins to break down and look unattractive. What can be done to revitalize your grout and make it look brand new again? While you always have the option of calling a professional Gilbert grout restoration service such as Desert Tile & Grout Care, it is helpful to have some simple home methods in your arsenal to try first. Here we discuss three different ways to restore your dingy grout and improve the look of your tile.


While this may seem overly simple and obvious, it is nonetheless a critical step to prolonging the life of your grout and rejuvenating your dingy tile floor. Not just any cleaning will suffice, however. Due to its porous nature, grout easily absorbs debris, dirt, and water. This means that the proper cleaning products need to be used, especially because bacteria, mold, and mildew can start to form within the grout. Not only is this unattractive, but ultimately it is very unhealthy for you, your family, and your pets.

One of the best choices for cleaning your grout is a simple 1:1 ratio of vinegar and warm water. Spray the mixture on your floors, let it sit for 5-10 minutes, then scrub with a stiff brush. This will help deodorize any unpleasant smells, as well as disinfect and brighten the tile and grout. Ultimately though, once your grout becomes stained and dingy, your best choice is to call in a professional Gilbert grout cleaning service. The experts will utilize a special steam-cleaning technology to purge the dirt and bacteria out of your grout, penetrate deeper than any scrub brush, and overall restore its true color.


Something that is less commonly known is having your tile and grout re-sealed on a regular basis. Most people tend to assume that tile and grout work is a one-and-done deal, rather than a continuous process. While re-sealing does not need to happen frequently, it does need to be done regularly (yearly, bi-annually, etc.). Immediately following a professional Gilbert grout steam cleaning is the best time for re-sealing, since the grout is freshly purged of all bacteria and dirt. When you utilize our services, Desert Tile & Grout Care will use a special clear sealant on your tiled area that will penetrate throughout the grout and create a barrier against future damage. An extra advantage of sealant is that it is easier to clean than unsealed grout, making it easier on yourself or professional services in the future. Consider having our team of experts come to your home after your new tile installation to lay down a coat of sealant right away. This will help extend the life of your tile and grout right from the start.


Though it can be a tough decision to make due to the investment, sometimes re-grouting is the best choice. If proper cleaning and re-sealing are just not bringing the hoped-for restoration to your grout, look for a reputable Gilbert grout replacement company. The professionals will use the proper tools and process to remove the old mess and replace it with brand new grout. Additionally, they will add a high quality sealant right away after installation, in order to extend its lifespan even further. The best part about getting your tiled area re-grouted is that it will look and feel brand-new, and will also help protect your health since there will be no mold or mildew living inside!

While it is a beautiful addition to any home, tile and grout do require some care and maintenance. If you are having issues with stained grout or perhaps even some health problems due to mold buildup, call Desert Tile & Grout Care right away! Our friendly team of experts is certified in Gilbert grout care and replacement, and qualified to restore your tile and grout. We provide efficient, top-notch services and seek 100% customer satisfaction, every time. For any questions or to setup your grout consultation, give us a call today at 480-288-4475, and allow us to give your tile floors the professional touch they need.

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