3 Unbeatable Ways to Restore Ugly, Discolored Grout

3 Unbeatable Ways to Restore Discolored Grout

What The Best Tile And Grout Cleaning Services In Arizona Mean For Your Floors ?

Discolored grout is one of the most common cosmetic problems in a bathroom. Over time, dirt, grime, and even mildew can build up in that tiny space between your tile, causing the grout to darken or discolor. You might scrub and scrub and make no difference. Meanwhile, your bathroom or kitchen starts to look older and dirtier and you start to feel like your only option is to re-tile the space.

Fortunately, there are other options. A Gilbert tile and grout cleaning service can restore your tile to make it look as good as new. Here are three options the professionals will try:

Grout Cleaning and Restoration near Gilbert AZ

Grout Cleaning

A professional Gilbert grout cleaning service will use steam at very high heats to loosen the built-up dirt, grime, and mildew from the grout and lift it away. Years of dirt and other debris can be shaken loosen from the grout, even if it has gotten deep inside the grout.

You may be astounded at how much dirt the professionals can lift out of your grout with the right tools. Even if you weren’t successful at cleaning the tile or grout, the professionals can get those results.


In some cases, professional grout cleaning in Phoenix may not be enough to handle discolored grout. The grout may have broken down over the years, or the grime may have gotten too far into the grout to remove. If the grout cleaning doesn’t work, the professionals may have to remove the old grout and replace it.

This process, known as re-grouting, will give your tile new life. The grout will be brand new, so it will look as fresh as the day the tile was installed, and it will give the tile the protection it needs. The new, stronger grout will prevent moisture from slipping into those cracks and getting under the tile, which will prevent the spread of mold and mildew and will prevent damage to the tile and the subflooring. You can re-grout with the same color, or you can try a new look. Either way, your tile will look fresh and clean.

Grout Staining

If the grout is functionality sound but cleaning is not working on the grim, then grout staining may be the right choice. With grout staining, professionals apply a layer of color to the top of the grout, and it covers up what lies beneath. The stain or paint provides long-lasting results, but it has to be applied properly, and the right product has to be used. Any DIY attempt will likely result in the product peeling off over time.

Grout staining can be performed in just about any color. You can have the same grout color applied, or you can try something new. You can get the look of new grout without actually having to go through the expense or hassle of re-grouting. Grout staining can give you fast results without disrupting access to your bathroom or kitchen. And, of course, it will leave you with beautiful, new-looking tile.

Discolored and grimy grout can make your tile look old, dull, and dirty. The discolored grout can make the whole space look worse. If you haven’t been able to get results cleaning the grout, you need to call in the tile cleaning professionals in Gilbert. The tile and grout cleaning experts have the right tools to lift out that built-in dirt. If those tools don’t work, the professionals can re-grout the space or can color the grout so that it looks clean and new again. You can even change the style slightly by choosing a different color for the grout.

Call Desert Tile and Grout Care if you have discolored grout or tile that needs a refresher. Our experienced tile and grout cleaning experts have the tools and the skills to clean years of dirt and grime out of your tile and your grout. We also offer grout coloring. We work with all kinds of tile, including ceramic, Saltillo, and stone. We are committed to providing top-quality results and exceptional customer service. Just take a look at our many satisfied reviews to see what our customer have to say. Then call us in Gilbert to schedule your tile and grout cleaning.

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