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Protecting Your Tile Floors during Moving

Moving can result in a lot of damage to your belongings and to your property. Furniture gets dragged across floors or knocked into walls, and boxes get thrown into rooms, scratching up floors and dinging the walls. Even when you hire a reputable Gilbert moving company and you take all precautions to protect your belongings and your property, accidents can happen that can result in damage.

protecting your tile floors during a move

Your tile floors are especially vulnerable during a move. They can get scratched, stained, cracked, and scuffed. Some of the damage can be fixed by a professional tile cleaning company like Desert Grout and Tile Care, but some damage can only be rectified by replacing the tile, which can be quite costly.

Here are a few things you can do to protect your tile floors during your move:

Add Floor Coatings

tile cleaning company near meProtective floor coatings can be added to your tile to minimize the damage that they might suffer during a move. Floor coatings can’t prevent all damage. Drop a couch on your beautiful ceramic tile and you’re likely to get a nasty crack. But the floor coatings can minimize or prevent damage like scuffs, scratches, and stains from furniture and boxes being pushed across the tile. It will also stand up to the heavy foot traffic that will be at its highest during a move.

Time Your Floor Restoration Properly

Maybe you are planning to have the floors cleaned in your current home so that you can sell or rent it. Instead of cleaning the floors before your move, wait until you have moved all the furniture and cleaned out all your belongings. Then, if any scuffing or other damage does occur, you can have the floors restored to their former glory with professional tile and grout cleaning.

However, if you want to freshen up the tile floors in your new home, you’ll need to do it before you move your belongings in. The floors have to be completely cleared to allow for the cleaning. You’ll just have to move the furniture and other belongings into each room very carefully so that you don’t add any new marks or scratches.

Get Moving Insurance

Sometimes, accidents happen. Someone loses their grip and a giant vase hits the ground and chips your tile. Someone trips while positioning a sofa and it slides across the floor, scraping the tile. These kinds of things are not always avoidable. So you get moving insurance to pay for the cost of any damage incurred.

Double check with your Phoenix moving company to find out exactly what insurance is provided and exactly what it covers. For example, the insurance might cover replacing a broken tile but probably wouldn’t cover cleaning the floors if they are scuffed. You may need to buy additional insurance coverage. You may also need to take photos of your floors before the move begins.

Hire the Right Movers

moving company near meSome types of tile are very hard to repair, such as concrete. Getting moving insurance will help protect you in some instances of damage, but the best protection is prevention, and the best way to prevent damage is to hire the best Mesa moving company for the job. Professional movers will have the skills and the tools to move your furniture efficiently and safely, ensuring that all your belongings get to where they need to be without damaging your expensive floors, your concrete steps, or your walls.

Find the best Chandler moving company by asking for references from friends and family, reading online reviews, and meeting with and getting estimates from multiple companies.

Moving can be a stressful process, and having damaged floors will only make it more stressful. Take these steps to protect your tile floors and ensure that they stay beautiful before and after your move.

A to Z Valleywide Movers is a top-rated moving company in Gilbert, AZ. Our Gilbert movers have extensive experience and training, so they always get your belongings to your new home safely. They take great care with your property, and they use the right tools for the smoothest move. Our movers are all fully insured in case of accident, as well. Contact us in Gilbert today to get a free estimate for your residential or commercial move.

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