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Why You Should Seal Your Shower Grout Tile if It’s Cracked

When trying to decide which parts of your home to seal, particularly tile and grout, you may be wondering if it’s worth it to seal the tile and grout in your shower. After all, the shower does get a lot of use, probably more use than any other area of your floor. With such frequent usage, should probably consider the possibility of cracks and damage that your shower tile and grout may sustain. That’s why it will definitely pay off for you to seal your shower’s tile and grout along with the rest of the tile in your home.

seal shower grout tile if cracked

Grout is essential to the makeup of your tile. It is used to merge and seal gaps between pieces, and make sure the tile is secure to its base. Unfortunately, the grout used with your tile is extremely porous, so it absorbs nearly everything. With this absorption, your grout can become damaged and cracked, making it look unappealing and possibly damaging or ruining the surrounding tile. When the grout begins absorb water and dust, decaying and cracking may take place. This will turn your grout into an ugly mess that is sure to downgrade the appearance of your shower tile. With the breech in your grout, other, more serious problems could arise if your grout isn’t properly taken care of.

When water and other outside factors invade your grout, this could cause the granules to loosen and become damaged. Discoloration, staining, and cracks could be the least of your grout worries. The main cause of damaged flooring could be defection in the substrate. This means that the material beneath the tile could loosen, making crack lines in the grout and causing further harm to your tile and grout. If the tile and grout are not properly installed and maintained afterward, this could happen to your tile and grout and it could be a tremendous problem to fix in the long run.

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When installation occurs, grout that is made with too much polymer or too much water could result in your grout sustaining damage more easily. This is due to a poor, weak, grout structure that cannot be properly packed into gaps, making it more susceptible to damage. These are just some of many ways that your grout can sustain damage and make the look of your tile and grout unappealing. It can also lead to worse problems with your home, especially if the tile runs up the wall. The cracked grout could lead to water leakage and damage in your walls, making for costly repairs.

There are several ways in which your tile and grout can be fixed and saved from further harm. First and foremost is reinstallation. If the tile and grout in your shower is irreparable, there is nothing more you can do to restore it. Improper installation is the most costly of repairs to make, so you want to find someone who will do it right. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on something just to turn around and have it redone within the next five years. Having tile installed is an expensive endeavor, so make sure you get someone who will get it done right the first time.

shower tile groutThe less costly of the several options is, of course, to have your grout sealed properly. There are many different seals that are capable of protecting the grout in your shower, but you’ll want to talk to whoever it is you are enlisting to restore your tile. There are plenty of color seals to help rejuvenate the tile and grout of your shower, and simple, clear seals that will just protect your grout from further harm. You want to choose the right one for your shower so that no mistakes are made and you don’t have to keep revisiting the issue later on.

For all of your grout restoring and sealing your tile and grout in San Tan Valley needs, come to Desert Tile and Grout Care. We have the experience and knowledge to repair, rejuvenate, and seal your grout so that no further harm comes to it. Costly repairs are the worst. Don’t waste money by re-tiling your shower. We can help, at Desert Tile and Grout Care. For friendly, professional tile and grout care in San Tan Valley, we have what it takes to restore your tile and grout. For more information, give us a call!

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