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Desert Tile & Grout Care is an AZ tile and grout cleaning company that provides top-quality tile and grout restoration for residents and commercial properties throughout Casa Grande and cities around the Valley. Our Casa Grande tile floor cleaners provide cleaning and restoration for a variety of floor types including ceramic tile and grout, stone, brick, marble floors, Mexican tile, patios and walkways, travertine tile, and much more. For a professional touch and top-rated tile and grout cleaning and sealing, consult with Desert Tile & Grout Care.

When you have tile inside your home, giving it a modern and fresh feel, it can still accumulate dust, dirt, water, and more from years of being walked on. There is simply no way to avoid the unfortunate effect of time. Keep your tile looking fresh and new with regular cleanings from Desert Tile and Grout Care. While you can sweep and mop on a regular basis, nothing will get your tile looking like new quite like our excellent tile cleaning services in AZ. With excellent customer reviews, and high quality standards, making sure your tile is clean and restored is our number one priority. Trust the experts at Desert Tile & Grout Care!

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Thank you so much!

“For the excellent job in color sealing our grout and helping us protect our investment. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. We will refer your service!”

Exceptional Work!

“Desert Tile & Grout colored my kitchen counter grout (from a dirty white to a soft adobe color) and cleaned, then sealed, my Saltillo tile floors with a gorgeous gloss finish. I feel like I have a new home! Thank You!”

The tile looks great!

“It has been a pleasure working with you. Your trust and quality workmanship is refreshing. I look forward to doing business with you in the future!”


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Best Tile Sealing & Cleaning Company in AZ

Expert Travertine Tile Polishing

Expert Tile

When your tile floors are in dire need of care, consult with the AZ tile polishing team at Desert Tile & Grout Care.

Detailed Travertine Floor Cleaning

Detailed Tile Floor

Keeping your floors clean is critical for ensuring their longevity and durability. Contact us today for a free quote!

Quick Travertine Tile Restoration

Tile Restoration

If your tile floors are suffering due to years of wear and tear, Desert Tile & Grout Care provides top-rated tile restoration.

Exhaustive Travertine  Grout Cleaning

Deep Cleaning For
Tile & Grout

Over time, grime and dirt build up on your tile floors, and they may require extensive deep cleaning to return them to their pristine state.

Effective Travertine Tile Floor Sealing

Effective Tile

For the best tile floor sealing in AZ, contact the five star rated team at Desert Tile & Grout Care. Get the results you’re looking for!

Professional Travertine Tile Cleaning Contractors

Professional Tile
Cleaning Contractors

Our professional tile cleaning contractors in AZ are committed to giving you the results you’re looking for when restoring your floors.

Tile floors are the ideal choice for an Arizona home. The city is known for its extreme summers, which can experience triple digit heat. Tile floors can withstand extreme heats, and they are resistant to staining and scratching if they are well-maintained, include regular cleaning and sealing.

Desert Tile and Grout Care offers AZ tile cleaning to help you keep your floors in top shape for many years to come. Regular tile floor cleaning can keep the sealant intact, which can prevent staining and other damage.

If your floors have not been kept up as they should and have started to look a little dull, we can help restore them to their former beauty. We specialize in getting out stains that have settled into the tile or the grout, and our Paradise Valley tile cleaning services can give new life to your floors. Your tile floors will look as good as the day they were installed.

With the right care, your tile floors can last a lifetime — if not more. You can do your part by regularly sweeping and dust mopping your floors, as well as ensuring that the floor sealant is always in good health.

AZ´s Trusted Tile Floor Cleaners

If your floors still need a tune-up after home care, you can call Desert Tile and Grout Care for professional tile floor cleaning in AZ that gives quality results. Whether you are in need of a regular tile cleaning or you need to renovate and restore your tile floors, we can help you get the results you need.

Travertine Floor Cleaning

Ideal For Arizona Homes

Tile cleaning in Arizona is ideal for homes across the Valley because keeping your floors intact means that they will last longer and look better. Get the results you need with Desert Tile & Grout Care.

Resistant To Staining

Resistant To Staining

Sealing your tile surfaces is an excellent option for protecting your floors because it is resistant to staining and surface damage while bringing the colors to life and making them more vibrant.

Ideal For Mesa Homes

Tile & Grout Floor Cleaning

Tile is a beautiful option for any home in Arizona, but it occasionally requires regular maintenance. Get top-rated tile floor cleaning in AZ when you consult with our tile & grout cleaning contractors.

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Cleaning Services

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    Desert Tile & Grout Care provides floor cleaning services for ceramic tile, marble, stone, Mexican tile and brick floors in the Phoenix metro area including Mesa, Chandler and Gilbert.

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