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The Pros and Cons of Anti-Slip Products for Queen Creek Tile Floors

The Pros and Cons of Anti-Slip Products for Queen Creek Tile Floors

The Pros and Cons of Anti-Slip Products for Queen Creek Tile Floors!

Here are some pros and cons of anti-slip products for tiles!
Queen Creek, Arizona

Tile has many benefits for your Queen Creek home. It doesn’t stain or scuff easily, which is perfect for a desert landscape where you’ll likely be dragging in a lot of sand and dirt. It’s also easy to keep clean of that dirt and other debris.

Yet tile can also be quite slippery. Purchasing anti-slip products like mats or chemical finishes for the tile can provide more traction. Of course, with every product, there are some pros and cons. Here are a few that you should consider for anti-slip products for your Queen Creek tile floors:

Reduce the Number of Accidents

The most obvious benefits of anti-slip products is that they reduce the number of slips and falls. When we’re talking about tile floors, that’s no small benefit. Tile provides for a hard landing, and the right fall could result in a concussion, broken bones, or worse.

Anti-slip products can help you keep your family safe and reduce your liability for accidents suffered by guests.

Easy Solution

You can re-tile your floor with anti-slip tiles, or you can choose a whole new flooring option such as carpet.

However, anti-slip products provide a much easier (and cheaper) solution. Just lay down the mats or apply the anti-slip coating to the tile, and you’ll have a much safer floor.

Products Can Wear Off

Anti-slip coatings that you apply to tile floors have a limited lifespan. After regular tile and grout cleaning, the coating will wear away and lose its effectiveness. You will have to re-apply the coating to get the protection back.

Mats can be Unsightly

You choose tile because it is beautiful and improves the look of your home. You don’t want to have to cover it up. Anti-slip mats are available in limited styles and colors, which may not suit your decor. You will also have to clean the mats regularly and remove the mats when you clean the floors, adding to your home maintenance.

Mats can Scratch or Dull Floors

Pros and Cons of Anti-slip products.
Anti-slip mats don’t move the way other rugs do, but they also aren’t immobile. Over time, even small movements of the mats can scratch or wear away at the surface of the tile, marring or dulling the look of the tile. You may have to repair the tile or hire a professional to refurbish or replace it.

Work with a professional to find the right anti-slip solutions for your tile floor. Then call Desert Tile and Grout Care to keep your tile floors looking their best. We provide professional tile floor cleaning services for homes and businesses in Queen Creek. We can restore your old tile floors so that they look as good as new, or we can provide routine tile and grout cleaning to prevent staining and other damage. Our cleaning services can help you avoid having to repair or replace your tile, saving you time and money. Call us today to schedule professional Queen Creek tile floor cleaning to rejuvenate your tile floors.

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