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How a Paradise Valley Ceramic Tile Floor Can Lower Utility Costs

How a Ceramic Tile Floor in Paradise Valley, Arizona, Can Lower Utility Costs in your home or business

How a Ceramic Tile Floor Can Lower Utility Costs
There are many different types of cooling systems to keep your house cool all year around.
Paradise Valley, Arizona

With average daily highs running about 87 degrees and summertime highs that are often in the triple digits, residents of Paradise Valley are always on the lookout for new ways to help cool their homes. As they look at different types of cooling systems, ceramic tile floors may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but they should be high on the list. Ceramic tile floors are one of the most environmentally friendly ways to help cool your home or business.

Ceramic tile floors can help keep your home or business cool because they do not retain heat, which can make a substantial difference in the ambient room temperature. In addition they are a pleasure to walk on during the hot summer months since cooling your feet can help your entire body feel cooler.

A more technical explanation of how a Paradise Valley ceramic tile floor can lower utility costs involves thermal mass. In this case, a ceramic tile floor is the mass that absorbs coolness from the ground below and then releases it over a period of time. It will work even better if you open windows on cool evenings to allow the tile to absorb even more coolness from the air. You can add to this effect by tiling walls, counter tops and back splashes. The more tile you use the more there is to absorb the coolness. Then during the daytime, close the windows and enjoy the coolness emitted by the tile.

Technically speaking, the thermal mass of a home affords inertia that shields against temperature change. Think of how quickly it heats up inside a thin tent when the sun comes out, but inside a cave it stays cool all day long.

Today many homes are built using drywall, carpet or vinyl flooring, and vinyl siding. These materials contain much less thermal mass than wood or concrete siding, Paradise Valley ceramic tile flooring and tile or stone counter tops. When used correctly adding thermal mass to your home can reduce both cooling and heating costs, since thermal mass resists temperature changes.

Paradise Valley ceramic tile floors conserve energy thereby helping the environment. When properly sealed ceramic tile floors are long lasting, easy to clean, and resistant to both fire and water. They offer great value for your money and will continue to provide value in energy savings, beauty, and home value for many years to come.

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Posted: November 18, 2014
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